About Us

CEV Collection was founded by Entrepreneurs Jamal Robinson and Jaylon Smith of the Dallas Cowboys. 

The concept was simple: Create high-design glasses at a fair price, for those on their way. 

"We wanted our product to be the sign of encouragement and inspiration for those who are chasing after their dreams in life. Jaylon has a motto "Clear Eye View" which is where the acronym "CEV" comes from in the brand name.

When we speak of Focused Vision we mean that figuratively and literally. Having the Focus on what you want to accomplish and the Vision to see what's not there yet. 

Wearing the CEV Collection is not just a fashion statement with our designs, but a visible belief in the world you believe, anything is possible." 

If this is your first time on our website, welcome. Always feel free to email and let me know how we can better serve you online or helping you achieve your Clear Eye View. Welcome to the CEV fam.

Have questions, email Jamal directly.