Elevated Eyewear, for every occasion. 

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Our Founders 

CEV Collection was founded by Entrepreneurs Jamal Robinson and Jaylon Smith of the Dallas Cowboys.

"We wanted to create a brand that stood for something. We wanted to design product that was unique and made with the great quality, at a fair price. We wanted to build a community that embody the hope and inspiration of what a Focused Vision can be in someone's life." 

What does CEV mean? 

CEV is the acronym from 'Clear Eye View' which became Jaylon's mantra in high school. This mantra would become true while during his Senior Year at Notre Dame during the last game, Jaylon had a season and potentially career ending injury. He went from being a top 5 NFL draft pick to not being considered able to play again. With Jaylon’s Clear Eye View, that didn’t happen.

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On a Mission

Jaylon was selected by the Dallas Cowboys and sat out his first year as a professional athlete. His 2nd year and beyond, Jaylon has become a leader for the Cowboys on and off the field – all with the Clear Eye View.

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