What do Blue Light blocking glasses do?

Blue light blocking glasses are designed and intended to reduce the effects of feeling tired, not resting well, headaches and other symptoms caused by being in front of your digital device. 

5 Questions and Answers to know about Blue Light

  • What is Blue Light? Blue light is a range on the visible light spectrum between 400 - 525 nanometers. Every day, people are exposed to Blue Light from our computer, phone and TV screens.
  • What does exposure to Blue Light do? Exposure to Blue light can cause digital eye strain, inability to rest or sleep, headaches, blurred vision, and fatigue.  
  • What do Blue Light blocking glasses do? Blue Light blocking glasses prevent the symptoms of blue light exposure when in front of your computer or phone screen for an extended period of time. 
  • Does it matter what Blue Light blocking glasses I get? Yes, it does. Most Blue Light blocking glasses block anywhere from 3 - 30% of Blue Light with a near clear or clear lens. Our Ashe Blue Light blocking glasses block 41% of blue light. Simply put, the higher the percentage blocked, the better protection for your eyes. 
  •  When should I wear Blue Light blocking glasses? You should wear blue light blocking glasses whenever you plan to be on your computer or phone for an extended period of time, except when driving. 
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